Our Mission


We value every farmers and their effort to grow food for the nation.


Our Goal is to help them reduce waste and maximize profit


We are think about the problem from the grassroot and building sustainable solutions.


We have been able to breathe live to 2 high impact solutions so far, we hope to double up yearly.


FarmHack NG

A university based hacking competition where students finds solutions to difficult farm-related problems with the aim of building a lasting solution to such problems.

Hack NG

A univesity and college based hacking group solving local problems. The aim is to instill the hacking as a problem solving attitutde into the minds of students at colleges and university level.


One of the companies that emerged as a result of FarmHack. They are buiding a supplychain system to link farmers to companies that buys farm produce in large scale.

Food Data

Building food database and farm data collection tools which can help extension officiers give the best advise to farmers.



An infrastructural project aiming to build cashcrop micro-processing plants near farmers to help them maximize profit and reduce waste.