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What is Kobofarm?

Kobofarm is an online farmers market where you can buy or sell farm related product or services.

How do I register?

You can click the Register on the top of the page or use the social buttons(Facebook and Google ) at the top of the page to login

How do I post advert

You can post advert here  or click the Post advert button at the top menu and if you are on mobile, you may have to check the mobile hamburger menu .

What classified categories do you offer?

Agro Services , Animal Feeds ,Agro Chemicals, Consulting , Farm Tools & Equipments , Foodstuffs , Poultry & Livestock and many more categories that are directly related to agriculture.

What does it cost to advertise?

Placing your farm related  advertisements on Kobofarm is completely free

Are there other ways to make my ad stand out?

Kobofarm is committed to creating a level plain field for products and services where you standout solely on customer satisfaction and not on how much you could pay to advertise. 

What if I want to use a photo, logo, or color in my print ad?

Users are fully allowed to put pictures on their adverts.

Can my ad to be placed in a certain part of a section (e.g. the first ad in a category, not toward the bottom, etc.)?

When you select a category, your advert will be placed according to the chronology of when you posted the advert.

When is my classified ad due?

Every advertisement expires by default every 30 days, users can choose to extend or leave it archived.

How do I pay for my classified ad?  FREE..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

How will I know if people are responding to my classified ad?

They will contact you with the information you used when creating the advertisement